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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, they settle your mind. If your questions haven't been answered, we welcome you to get in touch with us for queries or consultations via our contact page.

  • Do you offer Routine Dentistry?
    We sure do! From regular Oral Health Examinations, Oral Hygiene services, to Comprehensive Full Smile Makeovers and Implants – we do it all under one roof with our exceptionally trained and highly skilled team.
  • How do I arrange a consultation?
    Arranging a consultation is easy: • Simply click on the “Make a Booking” button at the top of the page. • Log-in if you are already a client with us, or register yourself. • Select the kind of appointment you would like. • Choose a time and date that suits you, and finalise your details.
  • What is the Client Concierge?
    We do things a little differently at HAUS of Dentistry and as a client with us, you will have a dedicated member of our Client Concierge team on hand to help you with anything you need or want. This means that in addition to the five-star dentistry you will receive, you will always have someone to call or email directly about your care. This person will be in the Clinic to meet and greet you as well as take care of anything you need whilst you are in HAUS. It’s like having your own PA!
  • Do you offer finance?
    Spread the cost into stages. This is ideal for treatments that take some time between starting and completion. Often clients will pay an amount towards their treatment at each visit so that by the final appointment, everything has been already paid in full. Our HAUS Membership Plans, may interest you also. Designed to split the costs of Oral Health Examinations and Hygiene Therapy appointments into monthly direct debit payments. Read more about them here.
  • Can I register as an NHS patient?
    HAUS of Dentistry is a private dental clinic meaning we do not enrol patients on an NHS basis. Our Clients can either pay for their treatment as required or join one of our membership plans to get additional benefits and services.
  • Is there parking?
    There sure is! Parking is available in our dedicated car park right in front of the Clinic – so there is no need to worry about a parking ticket running out!
  • Is there disabled access?
    The Clinic is fully accessible to anyone with a disability. If you have a specific requirement, please let the Client Concierge know and we will ensure this is taken care of.
  • How often do I need to see the Hygienist?
    We recommend seeing your hygienist every 3 - 6 months to stay on top of your oral health. With our HAUS Membership, you can spread the cost and frequency of your Hygiene Therapy appointments over a monthly cost, as well as many more benefits.
  • Will I feel any pain?
    All of our team are highly skilled and use the very latest techniques to ensure your visit is stress and pain free.  If you are particularly anxious, we also offer a sedation service to help you to relax and have any treatment carried out.
  • Will I feel any pain?
    All of our team are highly skilled and use the very latest techniques to ensure your visit is stress and pain free.  If you are particularly anxious, we also offer a sedation service to help you to relax and have any treatment carried out.
  • Do you offer Invisalign?
    We are one of the top Invisalign providers in Scotland, creating stunning smiles using this trusted and well-known alignment treatment every day of every week!
  • How long does Composite Bonding last?
    We expect to see good results over a five-year period with Cosmetic Bonding, but it will need regular visits to the dentist for polishing and you will need to take good care of it for best results. Should any small chips or breaks occur, they can be easily repaired at HAUS of Dentistry. There is very little risk of any pain or sensitivity from this type of treatment, but please keep in mind that in the short term, your bite will likely feel different.
  • How much does it cost for Composite Bonding?
    The cost of composite bonding will depend on the desired outcome and what kind of bonding is required; edge bonding or full bonding. Please make an appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss your specific smile goals - we will then be able to provide you with an estimate.
  • What are veneers?
    Veneers can help you to achieve a natural and vibrant aesthetic for your smile. At HAUS of Dentistry, we offer both Crowns and Veneers. The choice will be made by the Dentist, to give you the longest lasting result with the least loss of tooth. Usually, during the consultation, we will decide together which technician and material is best suited to your end goal. Veneers can be made either by 3D scanning the tooth or taking an impression. This is only done after careful planning of the end result. Porcelain is used if we want to alter the size, shape and/or shade of the tooth in a way that we cannot achieve with cosmetic bonding or if you decide you would prefer an option which is less likely to require maintenance. Please speak to your clinician for more information on Veneers.
  • Do you offer sedation while I have treatment?
    Your clinician will chat to you about the various forms of pain and anxiety-management techniques available. Together you can decide which is likely to be best for you. Please Note: IV sedation is a type of conscious sedation, so you will remain awake throughout the procedure. You will be able to chat, ask questions and let your clinician know how you are doing. Local anaesthetic (injections into the gums) is still used to numb the area being worked on to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment. Despite being awake at all times, due to the amnesic effect of midazolam, many patients forget all or some of their treatment so have the feeling that they have been asleep. To be asleep or unconscious requires a general anaesthestic, which must be administred by an anaesthetist in a hospital setting.
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