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is Your HAUS.

We do things differently here. Our focus is on your comfort, health and maintaining an exceptional smile.

HAUS Of Dentistry is a unique clinic, combining five star hospitality and exceptional service with a passion for facial aesthetics and incredible smiles. Everything we do is meticulously designed to give you the very best experience from start to finish, providing you with world-class care.

Designed from the ground up with your care in mind.

With state-of-the-art equipment, digital technology and world-class hospitality; we're aiming for top quality down to the stitching and the seams. Custom built dental chairs, the most innovative scanning technology and more marble than you can shake a stick at.  We know you will enjoy each and every visit to HAUS of Dentistry.
 Clients at HAUS are welcomed like family - and only the best is good enough for family!

All of us together is better than one of us alone - by bettering ourselves, we better the practice. Passion and care are at the centre of everything we do. On top of servicing clients across Scotland, HAUS is also proud to be a teaching clinic. We believe in the importance of sharing our dental expertise and knowledge with our colleagues to champion positive change across the dental industry.

HAUS of Dentistry is founded on the back of many years of hard work. Building our reputation from the ground up; known for quality of care and exceptional service.

 Dr Conor Morgan and his team of Dentists, Nurses and Aestheticians have over 100 years combined experience working in dentistry. Focusing on Cosmetic and Restorative Care, Implantology and more - you will be in the best of hands.


The Heart of HAUS

Our beliefs as a clinic are centred around our patients and our core values.


Our team will always treat you with kindness and respect. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to make you feel like part of the family.


Our team has been hand selected for their charisma and vibrant personalities to create a laidback and comfortable atmosphere. You won't feel like you're at the dentist when you visit us! It's one of the many reasons our clients choose to visit HAUS of Dentistry.


Drawing from a wealth of global experience, our level of hospitality is unparalleled.  Looking after you is our sole priority – no request is too big or too small.


We take excellence seriously. Whether that be dental excellence or the way you feel about being in the clinic; your experience matters to us.  Our entire team are highly trained to ensure you are in excellent hands across every aspect of your care with HAUS of Dentistry.


Our unique consultation process gives you the control to make informed decisions about your smile journey.

Our Consultation Process



Our Client Concierge will call you and help to arrange a suitable time and date for you to visit the clinic and discuss your care.

We want to make sure your visit to us is a memorable one. Our team are dedicated to working alongside you to tailor your experience.

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