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You can now book consultations through our HAUS Portal by following the link below and signing in with your pre-registration details, or sign up as a new client with HAUS of Dentistry.

Consultation & Exam

New Client Smile Makeover Consultation

This 1 hour appointment gives you the time to discuss features you already like about your smile and features that you would like to change. Whether this be aligning your teeth with state-of-the-art Invisalign aligners, Implant’s to replace missing teeth or simply whitening to achieve a brighter smile. This appointment also includes a full Comprehensive Oral Health Examination, Digital Scan of your mouth, Oral Cancer check and a full treatment plan with options that will be suitable to achieve the results you are looking for.

£ 90

Approx 1 hour

Registration Oral Health Examination [Adult]

This is for new clients who are looking for a Routine Oral Health Examination to keep their mouth healthy and looking good.


This 30 minute appointment includes:

Full Oral Cancer check of the throat, soft tissue and neck.

Gum health examination to prevent gum disease, bleeding and tooth loss.

All diagnostic X-Rays (excluding CBCT scans) to ensure your mouth is in top condition at all times, preventing additional treatment and issues from areas under the gum line.

Detailed diagnostic digital scan that is used to spot early signs of decay, recession, tooth wear and issues that could cause larger problems.

£ 75

Approx 30 mins

Comprehensive Oral Health Examination [Adult]

This 20 minute appointment is for our existing clients looking for a Routine Oral Health Examination to keep their mouth healthy and looking good. (If you have joined one of our HAUS memberships, this appointment will be included as part of your annual membership allowance).

£ 60

Approx 20 mins

Comprehensive Oral Health Examination [Children]

Only available when accompanied by a registered adult client.

£ 50

Approx 15 mins

Hygiene Treatments

Most clients choose this service every three to six months to keep their smile looking pristine and in optimum health. Regular visits ensure potential problems can be identified and addressed early.

Level One
Smile Maintenance Hygiene Therapy

This service is recommended for clients with minimal or no signs of gum disease. Dedicated time to remove tartar and staining.

Recommended every 3 - 6 months for optimum health and a clean smile. 

£ 85

Level Two
Airflow Hygiene Therapy

Airflow uses  body temperature water for a comfortable and pleasant hygiene experience - fantastic for sensitive teeth. 

For superior stain removal and polishing ability compared to regular methods.

£ 115

Level Three

Active Hygiene Therapy

This service is essential for clients with signs of gum disease. Additionally, it is highly recommended by our team of experts for our clients across the board. This treatment is necessary to help treat gums to remove harmful bacteria that lead to tooth mobility and tooth loss. 


The number of sessions required is based on the condition of your gums. Working with your Dentist and Hygiene Therapist to proactively improve your oral health to reduce the risk of further problems.

£ 160

Invisalign &


At HAUS, we offer 2 different options to give you straight teeth. We have packaged together these options to include a few additional benefits and also offer payment plans to help split the cost of these packages down over a period of time. 

Included in both Invisalign and Fixed Ortho Packages are:

- X-Rays. 3D Imaging and Digital Scans

- Tooth Whitening

- 3 sets of Vivera Retainers


Invisalign is an incredibly smart and technologically advanced way to moving your teeth into their optimum position using almost completely transparent aligners Treatment time can be between 3-18 months depending on the amount of movement required.

Invisalign DIAMOND

Ideal for anyone who needs a small to moderate amount of movement to bring their teeth into perfect alignment.

£ 4250

Invisalign BLACK

Typically this is used only for people who have a lot of crowding of the teeth or where a lot of movement is needed to help move the teeth into perfect alignment.

£ 5250

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces have been around for a long time and are a safe and well used treatment to bring even the most crowded teeth into perfect alignment using a strong orthodontic wire and brackets attached to each tooth. They are usually available in both silver and white and treatment time can be between 6-24 months.

Fixed GOLD

Similar to Invisalign DIAMOND, this is for anyone who needs a small to moderate amount of movement but using fixed ortho instead of removable Invisalign aligners.

£ 3500


Similar to Invisalign BLACK, this is typically used only for people who have a lot of crowding of the teeth or where a lot of movement is needed.

£ 4500

Kids Invisalign®
& Fixed 

At HAUS we can care for children from eight years old who have misaligned, crowded or crooked teeth. As one of very few clinics in the UK that can provide Invisalign for Kids & Teens, we are proud to be able to offer this fantastic alternative to fixed braces for young people.

As a clinic that has extensive training in Orthodontics and Smile Design, we know how important it is to have a great smile when you are young. Today, there is no reason for a young person to be embarrassed or lack confidence in their smile and we have two options available to choose from.

Fixed Braces
for Under 18's


Just like fixed braces for adults, this is a common and well used treatment to align teeth, especially in young people who are still growing and maturing into confident individuals. We are able to, in most cases, provide metal or tooth coloured attachments that gently align the teeth over a period of months.

£ 3500


For a young person that would prefer to achieve straight teeth with aligners that are almost invisible, Invisalign® Kids is a fantastic option. Very similar to Invisalign® BLACK for adults, from the first digital scan of your child’s mouth, a full detailed simulation is created to plan the movement of each tooth.

This allows much greater control of the alignment of individual teeth versus traditional fixed braces and means we can predictably align even the most crowded or misaligned teeth into a beautifully straight smile.


A great benefit from using Invisalign® Kids is having the reassurance of five years of refinement after treatment, giving you peace of mind should your child need any adjustments or re-alignments for five years after their initial alignment with no extra cost whatsoever.

£ 4000

Tooth Whitening

Prices from:

Professional HAUS Tooth Whitening

£ 450

Cosmetic Bonding

Per tooth prices begin from:

Cosmetic Edge bonding

£ 295

Cosmetic Full Coverage bonding

£ 425

Implants & Replacements

Prices from:

Dental Implant Consultation

£ 50

Dental Implant CBCT Scan

£ 150

CBCT Specialist Report (If required)

£ 150

Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implant

from £ 3200

Porcelain Veneers / Crowns

Per tooth prices begin from:

Cosmetic Porcelain restoration

£ 650

Bespoke Porcelain restoration

£ 750

Oral Surgery  & Sedation

Oral Surgery / Sedation Consultation

£ 50

CBCT Imaging (3D Scanning)


Surgical Extraction

from £ 195

Wisdom Tooth Removal

from £195


£ 300


£ 200

Treatment of infected socket


Intravenous Sedation




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