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We offer a range of treatments and services to achieve and maintain the perfect smile. 


At HAUS of Dentistry, our focus is on your care and the quality of treatment you receive.  You'll be joining our family, whether it's for a one-off treatment or longer-term Routine Dentistry; there is space for all at HAUS.


Routine Dentistry

Routine Comprehensive Oral Health Examinations and Hygiene Therapy treatments are available.  You can register with HAUS of Dentistry as your primary dental provider for continued care of your smile and oral health.

Hygiene Treatments

Hygiene Smile Therapy

Hygiene Smile Therapy is dedicated to removing tartar and staining.  The majority of our clients choose this service every three to six months to keep their smile looking good and in optimum health.  Regular visits ensure that potential problems can be identified and addressed early.

Airflow Therapy

Upgrading to Airflow Hygiene Therapy is the latest development in dental hygiene technology.  The best option for allowing a thorough, comfortable and pleasant hygiene experience. Airflow uses water warmed to body temperature, which is fantastic for people with sensitive teeth. 


This service has a vastly superior stain removal and polishing ability compared to regular polishing.  The HAUS team recommends Airflow for anyone who wants to level up from a traditional hygiene visit.


Cosmetic Bonding

A technique involving the careful sculpting of tooth-coloured material, to change the shape or size of teeth and make them appear whiter.  This is a minimally invasive makeover option.  We offer edge bonding and full bonding, as well as composite veneers.


Using a digital scan of your mouth and smile, Invisalign slowly moves your teeth into place without the need for brackets or wires. People won't even know you're having your teeth straightened!

Crowns & Veneers

As an alternative to Cosmetic Bonding, custom-made crowns and veneers are formed with the use of 3D oral scanning to change the appearance of your teeth.  We can make these in any colour, shape or size based on the look you want to achieve. 

Missing Teeth & Implants

Implants are the perfect way to replace missing teeth, restore the ability to eat, chew, enjoy food and speech.  We also have a range of denture and bridge options that are fully fixed into place or can be removed, based on your budget and timescales.

Tooth Whitening

We offer in-clinic and at-home whitening packages, with various combination treatments to brighten up your smile.  We are proudly able to offer our very own "White HAUS" whitening formula for that glowing trademark HAUS smile.

Smile Test Drive

A smile test drive is perfect for allowing you to see your future smile before you go ahead with your treatment. 

The HAUS Reputation
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For our price list and cost breakdowns of our treatments, please see our Dental Prices page.



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